We're currently fully staffed! We anticipate that we may be looking for some additional kitchen help (prep cook) in the next couple or few months, and if things go well at the store it's possible that we'll have another opening on the grocery side of things in the same time frame.

In the meantime, you can check out our last job posting here for...inspiration?

What we’re looking for:

  • Commitment to exceptional customer service
  • Reliable and hardworking, self-managing and problem-solving
  • Personable, friendly, and welcoming; able to easily engage with a diversity of people, smoothly collaborate and co-exist with co-workers, and generally contribute to a culture of respect, excellence, and growth
  • High levels of personal integrity and maturity
  • Quick-learning, quick-thinking, quick-doing, and flexible
  • Able to quickly and accurately ring up customers and make change
  • Able to stand for 8+ hours/day, and lift 30-50 lbs
  • Able and willing to cook with, eat, and talk about products across R&R’s offerings

Bonus points for:

  • Passionate about good food – especially local/seasonal food – with skills and knowledge to match, or eagerness and ability to learn
  • Commercial kitchen skills, such as knowledge of food safety principles and regulations, knife skills, etc.
  • Retail grocery experience, including knowledge of stock rotation, merchandising, register, etc.
  • Experience/background in non-European-based foods and food traditions

We can offer:

  • $9-$11/hour to start with review after eight weeks
  • 15% discount on store purchases
  • $25/week food credit
  • Access to additional food through spare CSA shares, inventory shrink, etc.

The job involves offering an exceptional customer experience through quality service and goods. Specifically, time is spent:

  • Prepping produce for sale (weighing salad mix, bagging potatoes, etc)
  • Stocking/re-stocking & merchandising displays and monitoring backstock levels
  • Cleaning, including dusting, glass cleaning, sweeping, dishes, etc.

After initial training, you will also be expected to assist in one or more of the following areas:

  • Assisting customers at checkout and on the grocery floor; occasionally responding to customer inquiries via phone
  • Cutting cheese for pre-packed sale and to order, including working a slicer
  • Assisting with kitchen prep, including chopping, cooking, and possibly baking
  • “Personal shopping” e-commerce orders, including all aspects of the fulfillment process (picking orders, packing orders, running orders to customer cars)


The store will be open 8am-7pm, Tuesday through Sunday. Hours for individual staff members may be somewhat flexible, depending on team needs, but broad availability is required. We strive for consistent schedules from week to week with variations to accommodate staff personal needs, vacations, seasonal fluctuations in business, etc. Some weekend, evening, and/or early morning hours will almost certainly be required.

Covid statement:

We take exposure and risk mitigation very seriously. All staff, vendors, and customers are required to wear masks at all times (with exceptions for staff in the breakroom, which is limited to one person at a time). We will provide masks if you like. We also provide ample hand sanitizer and other sanitation supplies, and our developing cleaning/sanitization protocols as we move toward opening for in-person sales. While no environment can be 100% safe, we are doing what we can to make ours as safe as possible.