Clover Creek Cheese Cellar Williamsburg, PA

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar Williamsburg, PA


Named for the creek than runs through the cow pastures of the Ojala Farm, Clover Creek Cheese Cellar is just over a decade old, but it’s part of something that’s been in the works a lot longer. Dave and Terry Rice started their family farmstead in the early 90s, when their oldest son was just a year old. Dave’s father had been a dairy farmer, and after some time abroad, Dave decided he wanted to follow the same path.

But the Rices deviated from the practices of a conventional dairy farm, choosing to pasture their herd and implement natural remedies to reduce the need to rely on antibiotics. It wasn’t always the most profitable, but they strongly believe that this method produces the highest quality product. Getting into the cheese-making business was a gradual but natural progression from there; a shelf-stable solution to the challenge of finding a market for their grass-fed, raw milk.

Their mission is as follows: “To profitably produce a wholesome product that is healthy for our family, our animals, our community, and our environment.”

While we occasionally carry some of their other cheeses, Clover Creek’s Romano-style Royer Mountain is a mainstay in our cheese case and has become a staff and customer favorite. It was also a favorite at the 2018 Pennsylvania Farm Show cheese competition, winning first prize in the semi-hard cheese category and capturing the bronze medal for best in show.

  • Family owned & operated
  • Grass-fed, pastured cows
  • Farmstead cheese (produced on-site at the dairy)
  • Raw milk cheese
  • Aged at least 60 days
  • Royer Mountain (Romano-style, aged 21 months)