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Shopping Online for Curbside Pickup

How does online ordering work?

[Question: is there a certain day people need to place orders? or a certain timeframe?  I'm guessing customers need to order groceries the same week they plan to pick them up. And maybe need to get orders in by Tuesday or Wednesday? The scheduler will probably limit them, but it's nice to let them know up front.]

  1. Peruse the online store and select your goodies by adding them to your cart.
  2. When you have everything you want, click the "Checkout" button.
  3. Schedule your pickup time.
  4. Pay with credit card online or with EBT when you arrive.
  5. Come to the store at 1308 N 3rd Street at your scheduled time! Check your order confirmation email for additional information about what to do when you arrive.

What pickup times are available?

We’re open for pickups Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 11am to 5:45pm and Sunday, 12pm to 4pm. Pickups are scheduled in 15 minute slots, typically at least three hours out. Some slots may close early due to high order volumes.

[I'm not sure what the "at least three hours out" means. Like that's the minimum amount of prep-time on an oder being placed and picked up on the same day?]

Can you get my order ready early? What if I’m going to be late?

Typically we can’t guarantee orders early, but if you let us know that you’d like yours sooner, we can move you to the top of the pile for your existing time slot. Sometimes we’re running five minutes ahead, sometimes we’re running an hour ahead. We’ll do what we can. If your order is ready early, you’ll get an email letting you know you can come get it.

If you won’t be able to make your scheduled time, we ask that you let us know at least an hour in advance. We have very limited refrigerator space, so once your order is packed we need to get it out of there to make room for the next orders.

What if I want to make additions or substitutions to my order?

Unfortunately our system currently doesn’t allow us to make changes gracefully — to help us track inventory and ensure you get the right thing, if you want to add an item, please place another order. Include a note with your original order number and we’ll match them up. (If you’re not able to choose the same pickup time for the second order, shoot us a text at 717-979-7574 to let us know that you have two orders so we make sure to pack them together!) If you want to make a substitution, it’s much the same deal — we’ll send you a refund for the original item, and you can place a new order for the replacement.

We know this isn’t an ideal system. Maybe someday we’ll figure out a better way. 🙂

I’m trying to place an order but something weird is happening on the checkout page!

We’re sorry! This, too, is not ideal, but we’ve found that a handful of customers are having trouble with the checkout page. If this happens to you, please first try logging out of your account (on a desktop or laptop, there’s a link in the upper right corner near the cart icon; on a mobile device, click the three bars for the menu, then scroll to the bottom). If logging out doesn’t do the trick, please try refreshing the cart page. If that doesn’t work, shoot us an email with your list (even a screenshot of your cart will work) and we’ll get your order in for you. Again, sorry. 🙁

Help! The item I want isn’t listed, or says “out of stock”!

Sorry. 🙁 Generally, if the item you’re looking for isn’t listed, it means we don’t have any and don’t expect to get any for at least a week. If it says out of stock, it generally means we had some and sold out or the delivery we’re expecting hasn’t arrived yet. Our inventory is changing constantly, so we recommend checking back later.

How can I return my bottles?

Check out the individual pages for milk for more information on this — basically, you’ll use a coupon code to give yourself the appropriate amount of credit at check out and we’ll collect the empties from you when you pick up your order. It’s all on the honor system.

What if I’m unhappy with something in my order?

Please let us know! You can email us at, or let us know at We’re always grateful to hear about details that slipped by us, and we’re always happy to refund or replace anything that didn’t meet your expectations. (Please note that if you simply change your mind about an item, we’re happy to accept returns for sealed items within date, but are unable to offer returns for perishable or unsealed items.)

Where should I park?

To pick up your online order, [street parking in front of the store? or also just Millworks lot]

When we're open for in-person shopping, the parking lot by The Millworks/Broad Street Market works best.

General Questions and Store Practices

Bags—Paper, Plastic, Reusable

Where is this from?

Everything we carry is grown, raised, or produced within 100 miles of our store in Harrisburg, PA. There are a few minor exceptions to this (cranberries, grapes, the occasional cheese from Philadelphia or Pittsburgh), but we will always note them. And in general, we note where each product is from—the farm or producer name, the town, and the distance it traveled to get to your plate.

For us, sourcing locally is the best way to ensure your food is fresh and to feel confident in telling you how it was grown or produced. We also just love getting to know the people who grow and make your food. You can learn more about some of our suppliers on our sourcing page.

Is everything Organic?

If a product is Certified Organic, this will be indicated in the product description. Other labels we identify—IPM (integrated pest management),. For animal products, Grass-Fed, Pastured, Animal Welfare.

What is "Urgent Use?"

We hate to see good food go to waste. When produce is just a little past its prime but still useful—if used quickly—we mark it as urgent use and reduce the price. Keep an eye out for this section if you like to make your own soups and stocks, like your fruit baked into pies or turned into sauces or jams, want to ferment things, or just don't mind ugly looking vegetables.

Is this a health food store?

Nope. We know we have that wholesome vibe. And we like to think that the majority of the products we carry are healthful. We don't make any claims about health—people's definitions and beliefs about this vary—and we sell our fair share of fats and sweets.

If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, please always ask us if a product is safe for you.

How do I cook this?

Check out some of our favorite recipes. Sign up for our newsletter for weekly recipes. [link to MailChimp signup form]