Just quick things!
(Cuz I know you want to know about the soups)


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  • Open weekly: Weds-Fri, 12pm-7pm; Sat & Sun, 8am-5pm.
  • This week’s soups: Chicken Noodle and Curried Sweet Potato. Perfect for when the weather has no idea what it’s doing.
  • Also from the kitchen: Fresh bread every day, turtle bean hummus in three flavors, cheese spread with garlic & herbs, Kimcheez, smoked meatloaf, pizza dough , and oh-so-much-more.
  • McGrath’s Bakehouse will not be baking this week. They’ll return on Friday, April 8. Our in-house fresh breads will still be available daily!
  • Current and anticipated availability can be seen here: https://www.radishandryehbg.com/currentavailability(Except, for example, I see that there’s only the one kind of hummus on it — but we will be making all three. I don’t even understand the technology I allegedly control.)


See you soon!