Happy almost new year! 12/27/2021

Quick things:

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  • LOTS of stellar meat available: fresh smoked hams, additional fresh and frozen pork, plus a great selection of frozen beef and lamb.
  • We’ve got collards greens (and Brussels sprouts and Romanesco cauliflower and oh so much more) for your New Years Day needs. Greens are available fresh/raw and ready to eat coming out of our kitchen (well, you should heat them up first), stewed with Rettland Farm smoked ham hocks.
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  • Masks are encouraged and appreciated.


Hi friends! Today’s newsletter is mostly a reminder that we are open Tuesday-Friday+Sunday this week (12/28-1/2, minus 1/1), and then CLOSED the following week (1/3-1/11/22)!

In case you came here for some food talk, here’s our “Christmas” dinner —

I’m afraid it’s not all that pretty, but you can view our authenticity and lack of food-styling as one of our charms, right?

What really matters to me is how does it taste and it was delicious — a Rettland ham, a medley of potatoes/sweet potatoes/rutabagas fried in the drippings from the ham, and roasted Romanesco with some lemon juice and grated cheese. Who needs pretty?

I call it “Christmas” dinner because on Christmas day we did a small family thing in the morning, then went home for naps and, ostensibly, dinner. But it turned out we were more interested in lounging around and doing crosswords and playing with our new toys than actually making dinner — so we ate chicken noodle soup and saved the “big” (not so big) meal for Sunday evening.

Having all these days off in a row is pretty nice. It’s getting me extra excited for our extended break next week. I think I’m going to get so much rest and relaxation in, I’ll then be extra excited to come back to Radish & Rye. I’m weirdly looking forward to that part — diving back in feeling renewed and energized — nearly as much as the break itself. I guess it’s kind of the point of the break. I think I like my job. 🙂

I hope that you, too, are getting some kind of rest and relaxation, or have some on the horizon.

And if I don’t see you this week — Happy New Year!