Fall colors, summer remnants 10/5/2021

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  • New & noteworthy: It’s definitely looking like fall in here, but peaches are still around for at least a few more days. Meanwhile apple cider is having a moment, squash (in many forms) are the talk of the town, and cauliflower and broccoli are in peak season, our housemade lasagna is back!
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My proofreader and primary dining companion is on a little mini-vacay this week. I’m nervous about typos or saying silly or confusing things in this newsletter, but I’ve been relishing eating whatever I want. The latter, I think, is kind of funny because I don’t think I’ve eaten anything he wouldn’t enjoy.

The highlight so far was roasted delicata squash, a big pile of mixed greens, and a pan-seared pork loin chop. Dusty might not have been into the loin chop — he likes a super thick rib chop with a big bone and a nice chunk of fat — but I don’t think he would have, like, turned his nose up at the loin chop. I went for it knowing it wasn’t his preference, and inspired by watching so many people buy them that it made me hungry. Since the loin chops are cut a little thinner, it was super fast to cook in a hot skillet, and while perhaps not quite as succulent as the rib chops — a wonderful weeknight dinner. And, of course, roasted delicata — always wonderful, though I think I should have tossed it with a little more salt and maybe like a splash of maple syrup to provide a stronger counterpoint to the pork.

On the other end of the spectrum, another fave, a slice of McGrath’s Pumpkin Ginger bread, slathered with some Keswick Creamery Quark and drizzled with a little maple syrup. I guess I’m on a maple syrup kick this week.

It might be cruel of me to hype the Pumpkin Ginger bread the week after McGrath’s made it, but we do have a few loaves in the freezer, and it’ll surely come around again this season. Keep an eye out.

When I look around at the store, it feels like the height of fall. Cider. Pumpkins. Apples. Pears! Fennel. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Greens greens greens. And of course the root veggies creeping in — carrots and beets for a while, but now also turnips and parsnips. It might be time for a stew.

Anyway! There are a lot of things I like about fall, but what really keeps getting me is the colors — they’re my favorites.

Okay, okay, the peaches aren’t really a fall thing, but they sure fit in nicely, don’t they? And, you know, as much as I like fall…I’ll hang on to a little bit of summer as long as I can.