Second shots 4/28/2021

Quick things:

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  • New & noteworthy: Debuting from the R&R kitchen are Mashed Root Veggies (potatoes, rutabagas, and turnips) and regular Mashed Potatoes (not yet online; probably by Thursday evening, but not if we sell out in the meantime!). Soups this week are Winter Squash with Ginger & Honey — an adaptation of the B’nut & Ginger now that we’re out of b’nut — and Sausage, White Bean, & Kale, using Rettland Farm’s Sweet Italian Sausage, Pecan Meadow Farm’s cannellini beans, and Village Acres kale. Also, it’s chicken season! Fresh pasture-raised chicken from Rettland Farm returns, now till it gets too cold for the birds to be outside (like, the end of November).
  • ICYMI: We have our own in-house bread fresh every day (Tuesday thru Sunday, that is) — that’s baguettes, Plain Jane sandwich bread, white sourdough boules, and multigrain Sweet Hearty. (All varieties available fresh until sold out, almost always available frozen. All made exclusively with Small Valley Milling’s certified organic flours and grains.)
  • This week’s fresh McGrath’s Bakehouse breads: Cranberry Orange, Cheesy, Nutty Irishman, and Whole Wheat (plus the standard Original, Sesame, and Irish Oatmeal).
  • Please note — due to inventory controls to prevent overselling, many items will show out of stock on the website even if we have them in store.
  • Also note — a full two-thirds of our staff (including Dusty and me) has gotten or will get their second vaccination shots this week. If side effects have us dragging or short-staffed, please be patient with us!
  • Lastly — we’re hiring!


A perfectly roasted chicken leg quarter, crispy oven potatoes, and sliced radishes over a ruby streaks salad. I <3 spring!

I’m writing to you having just returned home from receiving my second shot. It feels great! and I’m a little trepidatious about the possibility of side effects taking me out of commission in the next day or two. So! I’m going to keep this short so I can try to get some of tomorrow’s work done yet this evening.

The feature picture here is not recent, but from April 2019. It turns out we didn’t take any pictures of things we ate in April 2020. Anyway, any time I use an older pic, I check to see if I’ve used it before for the blog. Sometimes that leads to re-reading old posts. Tonight it meant reading a bunch of posts from this time of year both last year and the year before. I haven’t used this pic on the blog before, as far as I can tell, but….what a rollercoaster these last two years have been! It feels like this year exists in a whole different world than last year, and of course both are at least a whole world away from the year before that.

But now that we are where we are…it’s hard to imagine anything different. It’s hard to imagine where we would have been or could have been. Sometimes I get a little too emotionally invested in imagining what will be or could be or could have been. I get a little emotional, sometimes, when I think about this past year, about feeling thrown into the fire and derailed and exhausted and….well, a lot of things… But also, when I look at where we are now, I think….maybe we’ve landed exactly where we’re supposed to be. Maybe a little later than we thought, maybe a rockier road to get here than we’d hoped (they’re all rockier than we’d hoped, right?), but….here we are.

It feels like the world is starting to pick up and start moving along again. There’s a dynamism brewing — not the frantic panic of forced change and a world turning upside down, but deliberate and intentional action to move us forward. Maybe I’m rambling now, and maybe it’s the optimism of a second shot talking, but I’m excited to see what happens next, for us, and for so many of you.

And for now — I’m going to go tackle some of tomorrow’s work. If I’m out of commission for a day or two, well, maybe I’ll see you this weekend. 🙂


P.S. Dusty had his second shot yesterday and seems to be doing pretty well — a little tired, a little headache, and maybe some “weirdness”, but he’s been working like normal. THREE of our staff are getting their second shots on Friday, and a fourth is going on Saturday morning. I expect Dusty and I will both be at 100% by then, but I am a little nervous. Don’t forget we’re open Sunday, too. 🙂