Introducing: Maya & Mike 2/18/2021

Quick things:

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  • New & noteworthy: well…not much that I can advertise! Lots of returning goodies, but not quite the season for “new”. We rolled out test batches of two new white bean hummus flavors this week, but they were very small (we do expect to have more available sometime tomorrow!). Those kale bouquets continue to stun me — we’ve now got one in water as flowers, and it makes me smile every time I see it. And the variety of greens continues to grow. Despite today’s snow, I really am starting to think about spring.
  • This week’s breads: Cranberry Pecan, Cheesy, Prairie, and Caraway Rye (plus the standard Original, Sesame, and Irish Oatmeal).


I hope you all have had a lovely snow day, though I understand more and more that “snow days” are kind of a thing of the past for many workers and students, thanks to the pandemic pushing everything virtual. I strenuously object to this, because while I believe there is some wonder and awe inherent in a beautiful snow, a large part of our emotional reaction to it is because of the extent to which we associate it with a fun day off. It’s magic! and I hate for future generations to lose it. If you’re in charge of something that can have a snow day — have snow days!

Anyway, this was not a planned segue, but the snow day thing is partly on my mind lately because of our Maya Coover:

Maya, you see, is a student — a senior at CASA, focusing on visual arts. She doesn’t get snow days anymore! It makes me sad. But that’s not really Maya-specific. Due to the school thing, you’re most likely to see Maya in the late afternoon/evening and on the weekends. In better weather, you might see her, a Harrisburg native, longboarding to and from work. Maya reports that she’s “a novice” in the kitchen, but that her time at R&R is helping her learn about produce.

I think Maya’s job might wind up being the one that changes the most when we open for in-person shopping. She gets here late enough on weekdays that often we’ve already finished packing the orders for the day, and she’s largely cleaning up after us (and working on much-needed prep for the next day!). I worry that her job is boring right now! Once those doors are open, though, we’ll be open a little later, and the work to be done throughout the day and into the evening will be more dynamic and fluid. In the meantime, I’m incredibly grateful for Maya’s diligence, cheerfulness, and the adorable illustrations she sometimes leaves on the whiteboard in the kitchen.

And speaking of the kitchen! Up next, Mike Bates:


Mike’s our kitchen guy! He’s the man behind all those soups and hummuses and soon-to-be so much more. We’ve been having fun collaborating with him on recipe concepts, and have especially been enjoying sampling his experiments. Mike writes:

Radish & Rye is a refreshing shift in my kitchen career. I’m so happy to have found a kitchen that allows for experimentation, collaboration, and high quality local foods.

Radish & Rye as a whole are very passionate about what they do and have a deep caring of the quality of product they put out, which is something I can get behind. I believe in sustainable foods and as a cook, sportsman, gardener, wild foods forager, and all-around outdoor enthusiast, a lot of my hobbies revolve around the procurement of local foods for my enjoyment. As long as I can remember I always cared about the quality of my food, whether at home or for food preparation in the industry. I always wanted it to not only taste good but also to come from quality farming and humane practices.

I look forward to helping Julia and Dusty carry out their vision but am also excited to bring my own concepts and flavor profiles to all of you!

The kitchen, of course, is a brand new thing to R&R, so while Dusty and I have had tons of ideas about what we’d like to do, our time right now to work on implementing them is pretty limited. We’re really grateful for Mike’s efforts and expertise in translating the (sometimes vague) ideas we have into things we can see and smell and taste, and we’re grateful for his patience and perseverance when we hem and haw and sometimes disagree with each other about what a dish or concept needs to get to the next level. We also are looking forward to his (continued) help in realizing our ideas, and in getting to experience more of his as well!

And on that note — I am somehow getting this out a little earlier than normal, and I am excited for an early (for us) dinner and an early (I think by anyone’s standards) bedtime. Here’s looking forward to some of the warmer days currently in the forecast. Hope to see you soon!