Introducing: Bronwen & Jon 2/11/2021

Quick things:


Happy Thursday! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the season-appropriate February weather. I’m not the biggest fan of winter and its snows, but I’m seeing a little more evening sunshine these days, the farmers are telling us their greens are starting to grow again, and when I have the promise of spring I can endure, well, just about anything. It’s coming.

For tonight, we’re going to eat some of that Cheesy Broccoli soup along with a test-run baguette and call it a perfect comfy easy winter evening. I sure am grateful for the R&R kitchen producing yummy, quality food for nights when it doesn’t quite work out for me to do it for myself.

But before I do *that* — I want to introduce you to two more of our staff members, Bronwen Moore and Jon Wiebe.

Bronwen — like everyone other than Elliott and Lara (and Dusty and me!) — joined us in October.

Like Elliott, I’ve known Bronwen since she was something like five years old (maybe four?) thanks to The Circle School. It’s a delight to experience the young woman she’s become. Bronwen is sharp, picking up on details and nuances all over the place. She’s thoughtful and deliberate in her actions, and unfailingly cheerful. Just — don’t ask her about our meats and cheeses, as Bronwen’s a vegan!

She writes:

Healthy food is very important to me as is its impact on the environment — which is one of the reasons I love working at Radish and Rye — it checks off both those boxes by being fresh and nutritious while also sourcing from local farmers and businesses that care about the environment and their impact on it.

Another thing I love about working here is the people. Everyone I work with is awesome, and the customers are always wonderful. I can’t wait to open up in person and connect more with all the people who shop here.

In my free time I enjoy really anything crafty like knitting, crocheting, sewing, jewelry making, drawing, and painting. Other things I like include hiking, reading, music, yoga, writing, cooking/baking and experimenting with new foods, and anything in the realm of fantasy or sci-fi.

You can expect to see Bronwen darting back and forth between the retail area and the kitchen, working to replenish and beautify displays. She’s also recently started dabbling in register work, so really, you could see her anywhere. You may have already seen her running an order to your car!

You may also have seen Jon running an order to your car:

Betcha didn’t expect that moustache, huh? Jon regularly changes up his hair (and facial hair), so by the time you next see him, he may look totally different. And by the time you next see the bottom of his face — who knows!

Jon also started in October. He’s always got a twinkle in his eye, and is always ready to extend a helping hand. I find his presence very comforting because not only is he earnest, thoughtful, and deeply kind, he’s also the guy that notices what’s falling through the cracks and makes sure to save it. I was going to say that I think Jon might be an expert in the work hard/play hard ethos, but the more I think about it, the more I think Jon is always playing — even (or maybe especially?) when he’s working hard. He makes even the challenges look like a joy.

Jon’s new to the area, making him the rare R&R-er who we don’t have some other tie to. He writes:

This is my first winter in Midtown, and the city has been treating me well since arriving in Harrisburg mid-pandemic last June. Being on staff at Radish and Rye has given me new reasons to get creative in the kitchen (trying celeriac for the first time, working shallots into darn near every recipe, finding the one hundred and first way to use nearly-expired eggnog during winter break). I’m grateful for the things I take home from work—the chow, or the fun stories I hear from you all.

When I’m not bagging cilantro or sorting potatoes, you’re most likely to find me enjoying a sunny day from the saddle of my bicycle. The Greenbelt has provided so many smiles over the last few months (before the snow set in, that is). I’m a sucker for the views along the river, or a quick pitstop picnic in Five Senses Garden.

Happy to be here with you all!

Jon’s been in training to be “the cheese guy” — working the deli counter, cutting cheese, and working the “express lane” register. With cheese, as with seemingly everything else, his enthusiasm is contagious — he’s definitely going to want you to taste some things.

One of the things I’m really looking forward to about opening is getting to see Jon meet all you wonderful Harrisburgers. He’s been in our city for nearly a year, but, you know, all of it’s been in pandemic-mode. In his interview, Jon talked a lot about community and its importance to him, but he hadn’t yet had much opportunity to be part of one here.

I think you all are going to love each other.