New stuff/returning faves 1/21/2021

Quick things:


In with the new! (And some returning favorites.)

Hi guys! I feel like it’s been a little while.

Over here, we’re all healthy and back to normal, and things are chugging along. Except yesterday, when we took advantage of a very quiet day to setup a TV on one of the checkout stands and spent all the “extra” time we had between orders watching it. But today that TV (which we didn’t manage to take away with the same speed with which we got it there) remained silent, and we continued using all our “extra” moments to work on projects that get us closer to an in-person opening. I’m feeling hopeful!

As of today we’ve got a coffee maker setup (this might also help impel us forward) and price card tracks on most of the cooler shelves. In the past week we’ve also gotten shelf dividers installed on all the dry goods shelves, and it’s helped us realize that once everything is neatly organized and held in rows, we’ve got a little extra space to work with! So now I’ve got the task of selecting additional products to fill that space. 🙂 Similar projects — organizing and finalizing displays that is — are underway in the freezers and dairy coolers. The kitchen is nailing down some additional recipes. We’re chugging along!

I continue wrangling with the POS POS, and almost every day I encounter some frustrating issue, BUT I think, honestly, that if we had everything else ready tomorrow, we’d be able to roll with the POS exactly as it is. I mean, it wouldn’t be ideal, but I think this past year has done a lot to dissuade me from some of my perfectionist tendencies, so…there’s that.

Anyway! We don’t have a date yet or anything like that, but, as in so many things these days, there is hope. Also, I noticed this morning that it was not quite as dark at 6am as my mental image of it, which must mean that the days are indeed getting longer. This gives me great hope, and the best part is — it’s inevitable, so I can’t be disappointed.

For now, I am off to eat pork chops or maybe sausage, depending on how much energy we have when we get home, and baked sweet potatoes with loads of butter and salt, and a salad of baby winter greens, and I am pretty sure I can’t be disappointed there, either.

Happy new year, y’all.