We’re back! (winter edition) 1/11/2021

Quick things:

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Hi friends! We’re back! (Or we will be tomorrow.)

First off, I’m very happy to report that our staff member who, as of my last writing, was reporting cold-like symptoms has tested NEGATIVE for COVID. And as of today, our staff member who had previously tested positive has recovered (though still reporting some fatigue) and is back at work. The rest of the crew joins us tomorrow for a “normal” week.

The web store is now open, accepting orders for Tuesday and Wednesday and rolling on from there. The selection is a little thinner than normal at this moment since we cleared out all the perishables for our closure and some of the deliveries to replenish are still incoming. I expect that by mid-day Tuesday we’ll be back to a normal-ish selection, so if you place an order before then you may want to check back then to see if there’s anything you’d like to add. (For info about how to add to an existing order, visit the FAQ page!)

As far as the physical store, well, I’m not quite sure. We thought we’d have eight of us (can you believe there are eight of us now?) working mostly eight hour days four or five of the days we were closed (depending on how much progress we made in the first four days!), and instead we got two of us working six days. Sort of. I may not have worked as many hours as I would have under other circumstances, and I may have taken the opportunity to catch up on some other projects like opening 10 months of personal mail (thank goodness for auto-pay). Anyway! That’s like at least 200 hours of person-power we’ll need to now find ways to work into our normal schedule, and if that were easy, well, we wouldn’t have planned on being closed last week. 🙂

On the other hand, the timing of the COVID scare really could not have been better given that we already knew we weren’t going to be filling orders for the week (what to do with all that perishable inventory if we have to close suddenly is one of the things that keeps me up at night). And I was glad for some extra time to obsessively consume media on Wednesday and Thursday, which someone should have foreseen, but I sure didn’t. Not to mention that when I look at the current case and positivity rates, well, sticking with curbside for a little while longer seems like a fine option. So here we are, and here we’ll remain for a little while longer.

If nothing else, this pandemic has been a lesson in taking things one day at a time, doing the best we can, and being grateful for what we have, the wonderful people who surround us (not too close), and the dreams of what’s to come.

And lest we forget how far we have come already — I spent some time this afternoon looking for what we were eating and cooking this season in years past. What I found most compelling, though, turned out not to be food, but a coincidental series of photos of this space, each taken the same week of January, each one year apart.

We’ll get there.