Happy Winter / Upcoming Schedule 12/17/2020

Quick things:

Dozens of packed grocery bags in two open front coolers waiting to be picked up.

Apropos nothing, a shot of the (temporary) order coolers around noon on Saturday. We had to take a break from packing orders when we ran out of space.

We’re into the home stretch now, folks, both of the holidays and of our readiness to open.

I don’t have a lot to say about the holidays. We’re skipping them, I guess, or, if I want to be cheerier about it, celebrating them at home, just the two of us.

Realistically, I think we’ll be saving our personal celebrations for January 1st, when we’ll be closed. And January 2nd and 3rd and 4th. Didn’t click on that schedule link yet? We’re going to be closed those days. Closed closed. I intend to not even come into the store, unless I need groceries.

It’ll be the longest weekend I’ve had…since Spain, maybe? And the first time I’ve had more than one day off in a row since July, when we closed for a week to make the move to the new store and squeezed a couple of leisure days in when we were done.

Which brings me to January 5th and beyond. We’ll be closed the entire week of the 5th, re-opening on Tuesday, January 12th. This time it’s not to move, but to get ourselves squared away for in-person opening. When we re-open on the 12th, it might be for in-person shopping. Or it might not. We decided to wait until January to do this final push largely based on current COVID case counts (and also because then we could do it while closed, rather than while simultaneously preparing for the holiday rush), and none of us know whether those numbers will be better or worse three weeks from now. If they’re the same or better, I think odds are good we’ll choose to open. If they’re much worse, I suspect we’ll hang tight a little longer. Help us out by staying home; help us out more by getting your groceries curbside. 🙂

Of course, there are a couple of dangling threads whose resolution is still outside our control, but the ones that could be potential showstoppers seem like they’re going to be okay. Day before yesterday my contact at the POS company told me we should have on hand (day before yesterday) all the equipment we needed for our second and third registers. “Well,” said I in reply, “We have cash drawers and receipt printers, but no scales and no computers.” “Oh!” she said, “I guess we didn’t actually ship those yet!” But now I have FedEx tracking numbers, so even if the shipping works are all gummed up (as they are), I imagine they’ll be here in plenty of time.

Anyway — I’m trying to think of ways we can mitigate any inconvenience you might experience while we’re closed (due to our closure; I’m afraid I’m not going to do anything about other inconveniences in your lives), and so far my big idea is that we’ll offer pre-orders for milk that’ll be delivered to us and can be picked up on New Years Eve. I definitely don’t want to bring in a bunch of milk that isn’t already sold the day before we close for a week and a half, but it’ll be good for the duration of our closure so if you’re up for planning ahead we can make this a win/win. We’re also working to get plenty of bread in the freezer so you can snag an extra loaf or two to have on hand. It’s a storage crop time of year, so we’ve got tons of those in inventory. There’s not much we can do about the more perishable/delicate stuff like baby greens, but good news(?) is that they’re kind of slowing down anyway. But my main point here is — if you’re thinking, “But how will I get my <whatever it is you’re concerned about> while they’re closed?!?!” and it isn’t something you can just order extra of, feel free to shoot me an email and we’ll see what we can figure out.

I’ll be back next week (maybe not on Thursday/Christmas Eve) with more details about the milk pre-order thing, and anything else I’ve thought of in the meantime. So since I probably won’t write again until after they’re passed — Happy Hanukkah (again); Joyful Solstice; Merry Christmas; and/or Happy Kwanzaa. I hope your household finds ways to celebrate whatever is meaningful to you; I hope you find ways to do it without breaking your bubble.

One way or another, we’ll see you on the flip side.


P.S. When I think about ways to support small, local businesses, obviously spending money with them is right up there. But you know what might be even more important? Getting this thing under control as quickly as possible.