Tomato bucket lists? 8/27/2020

Quick things:

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A recent chicken thigh dinner victory — grilled chicken and shishitos, with a sungold tomato salad tossed with CapoMozz we didn’t bother to turn into mozz.

It’s pretty late, and I’ve spent the last few hours getting a round of lamb loaded onto the the website. I don’t have a lot left in me right now. Also, I’m hungry! We’ve got some chicken thighs thawing at home, and I’m hoping Dusty has a plan for them. One of my favorites is when he browns them on the stove, sautes some onions, and then lets both simmer with vinegar until the house is acrid but the chicken is tender and delicious. Well worth it (turn on that fan!). Maybe we’ll steam some potatoes in the Instant Pot at the same time, and toss them with a yogurt dressing and handfuls of herbs. Lightly steamed green beans for a green thing. If we both work on the prep, there should be enough downtime to drink a glass of wine on the patio while everything cooks.

On the other hand, for lunch today I had (Dusty made me) a tomato sandwich with a big juicy yellow heirloom tomato and goat cheddar on jalapeno cheddar bread and it was so good I’m not opposed to having another one (or two) for dinner. Highly recommended.

Heirlooms, in case you’re wondering, are back to BEAUTIFUL this week, and we’ve got a good supply of them. The red tomatoes from Village Acres are also looking extra deep red and juicy and PEAK. Really, the more I think about it, the more I recommend eating tomatoes for every meal while they’re here.

I should probably take my own advice! I haven’t made gazpacho yet this summer, and we have some urgent use cucumbers and lots of peppers, and it would be fast and go well with, well, anything. It’s not tomatoes, but I also haven’t made the watermelon salad with olive oil and salt and basil.

I don’t want to panic anyone (myself included), but we probably need to be working on those summer bucket lists!


P.S. Just to be clear — I don’t think tomatoes are disappearing super soon! But the season is turning, and peaches are gone, and you know, I’m getting pre-wistful, or something like that.

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