Cravings 8/6/2020

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This would have been a picture of watermelon, but that feels cruel at this point. So, shishitos, which I am strongly craving right now.

I thought maybe, for today’s newsletter, I would direct you to yesterday’s Instagram post about watermelons and summer and sunshine, but…. it turns out I dramatically underestimated the demand for watermelons, and they’re already sold out! You’d think I’d have learned my lesson after the cantaloupes last week went similarly quickly, and I would argue that I did learn my lesson about cantaloupes — they are still in good supply, and I imagine will remain in stock for at least the next day or two. Not that you should wait to order one!

Truth is, despite my waxing poetic about watermelons yesterday (they are such a symbol of summer for me!), I find cantaloupes to be the more alluring melon. They’re musky and fragrant and rich and smooth, and they go really really well with Caputo Brothers fresh ricotta and a sprinkling of flaky sea salt. This is what I want for breakfast every single day, and if on a morning off (like this past Monday) I can pair it with silky scrambled eggs and crispy bacon — so much the better.

My other food cravings these days are simple, though the weather doesn’t always cooperate: I want everything to be cooked on the grill, and I want to alternate between chicken thighs and pork chops and sausages, pairing each with a different kind of pepper. Or, as we did last night, some random veggie from the fridge, like a cabbage. And caprese! Gotta work that into the rotation somewhere, preferably lots of wheres. Tonight I’m especially craving another round of shishitos, which are so unlike anything else I marvel every time at how intoxicating the smell is, and how satisfying the taste. I ate a pretty hasty lunch today so I’m a little hungry, which makes me a little prone to being able to do nothing but fixate on dinner ideas.

Here’s my plan, if Dusty and the weather cooperate: tonight, chicken thighs and shishitos on the grill, sungolds drizzled with olive oil on the side; tomorrow night, when it seems like we will not be grilling, sausage and peppers on the stove. If the weather doesn’t cooperate tonight, well, maybe the same thing on the stove. Either way, (not to rub it in or anything) watermelon for dessert.


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