…Moving on 6/24/2020

Quick things:

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  • We will be CLOSED this Monday (June 29) through next Monday (July 6). We will re-open for curbside pickup at our storefront at 1308 N 3rd St. We will not be re-opening at the Broad Street Market. Read this for more.
  • Congrats to Amy, the winner of this week’s order feedback drawing and a $10 R&R gift card! As always, many thanks to all of you who have responded to the slips in your bags — we <3 feedback and we <3 you!
  • If you are ordering Apple Valley Creamery milk or cream for pickup on Thursday or beyond (um, the only options at this point!), we guarantee that we will give you the freshest bottles we have.
  • If you like deals, pay special attention to the website on Saturday afternoon/evening — since we won’t be open next week, we’re planning to get anything perishable remaining in inventory on special for Sunday pickups. It’s too soon to know what that might be, but I bet there’ll be something good! (But don’t wait — lots of stuff is fairly limited, and we would, um, love to sell it to you at full price if we can!)

Scroll down for the full list of what we’ll have this week! Check out the website for everything we’ve got right now!

A lot can change in a week! I have done a lot of writing over the past few days, and I’m pretty worded-out. Also, you just heard from me! But — there are some food related things I want to tell you about. Or maybe show you?

First up: a selection of misos from White Rose Miso (the folks behind Keepwell Vinegar). For a great write up, check them out in the Michelin Guide(!) here.


Right now Dusty is downstairs making this Sheet-Pan Gochujang Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, but with totally different vegetables. A visual representation of our plan:

Lastly — we have in our possession what we believe to be the last strawberries of the season. I’m reluctant to tell you this, because a significant part of me would prefer to just eat them all myself, but….it’s definitely too many strawberries for one person, so you’re invited to help.

One final note, on what I’m realizing is my last ever blog post sent while we’re at the market…Did you know this is the first time Radish & Rye has ever closed for the week? Up till now, we’ve been open maybe literally every second the market would allow us to be for over five years. Dusty and I took a week off for the trip to Spain in 2018, but our incredible crew kept things running while we were gone. Next week isn’t really going to be a vacation as we’ll be busy trying to do what might actually be a couple months of work in a few days, BUT we are guaranteeing everyone (including ourselves) at least a couple extra days of rest in there.

Anyway — sometimes it’s exhausting, but I find this work really gratifying, and it’s all because of you. THANK YOU for the incredible support you’ve shown us, over the last five years, over the last three+ months, and over the last few days. We’re so lucky!


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