Reminders & updates in an upside-down world 03/30/2020

The spinach that arrived today. I took this picture for the website, and just thought it looked so nice I wanted to share.

Hey folks —

It turns out I don’t know how to do my job anymore. Everything’s different. It’s not Wednesday, but I have things to tell you. What do schedules even mean?

We got some great greens deliveries today, I made some progress getting some other new things listed on the site (LAMB, just in time for your somewhat subdued Easter celebrations), and we found time to get some of those hotly requested urgent use and straggler items up, so I thought an update was warranted. We’re also running a sale on some short-dated quarts of Greek Yogurt because now is not the time I want to be complaining to a tiny producer. Help us find homes for it?

And some reminders:

  • Want to receive this newsletter via email each week time it goes out? Sign up here.
  • We are open for pre-orders/pickups only this week for the foreseeable future.
  • We are open seven days a week while these conditions continue.
  • Order online (preferred), via text (717-979-7574) or via email. Pickup windows are 12pm-5:45pm daily, and orders require a six hour lead time.
  • No list below, because you can see it all in the online store.

Not much else to say tonight — or rather, so much to say that the thought of trying to distill it into to words is daunting enough to bring me to tears. I’m really grateful that R&R continues to provide me with a connection to all of you, even when it’s virtual or distant. I feel honored and privileged to have a purpose right now. And, honestly, I’m kind of overwhelmed and exhausted. That part is starting to get easier — we’re figuring out the systems, filling in some of the missing pieces on the website, and generally starting to feel like things are somewhat under control. Thanks for your patience as we figure this out, and thanks for every order you’ve placed, every bag of coffee or lettuce you’ve bought, and every smile you’ve given us through a car window or across the table as you’ve picked up your groceries. Thank you.



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