Expanded Availability List Thanksgiving 2019

We know Thanksgiving shopping can get a little crazy, and we know you may have questions about what we’ll have in-stock this week. The good news is, we are well-stocked on nearly everything that’s part of our standing line up! However, due to the unusual holiday hours and different delivery schedules, there are some items that won’t have arrived yet when we open on Tuesday morning, and, unfortunately, a few others that we do expect to sell out of. If you’re planning your trip(s) to the market around a particular item or items, you may want to check out the list below.

This list does not include the extensive product lines from Torchbearer Sauces, Epic Pickles, or Calicutts Spices — we are well stocked on nearly everything from all three of those producers, and pretty much everything else not listed but part of the regular lineup. If you have a question about a particular product, best bet is to text us at 717-979-7574 and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! (We are expecting a busy one, though, so apologies in advance if we aren’t able to get back to you immediately!)

Please also note — this list reflects the best of our knowledge as of Monday evening. Sometimes demand for something takes us by surprise and we sell out faster than expected. Again, if you have any questions, or want us to save something for you, drop us a line!

Braising Greens
Collard Greens Well-stocked
Kale, Green Curly Well-stocked
Spinach, Juicing Urgent Use
Granny Smith Apples Well-stocked
Pink Lady Apples Well-stocked
Cranberries (Non-local) Well-stocked
Dill Urgent Use
Parsley, Italian Well-stocked
Sage Moderately well-stocked
Rosemary Well-stocked
Thyme Moderately well-stocked
Frozen Ginger Well-stocked
Frozen Turmeric Well-stocked
Creminis Somewhat limited; sell out expected by Saturday
Whites Somewhat limited; sell out expected by Saturday
Shiitakes Well-stocked
Lions Manes Well-stocked
Oysters Well-stocked
Onions & Garlic
Garlic Well-stocked
Leeks Limited; limited re-stock arrives Tuesday; big re-stock possible Wednesday
Red Onions Well-stocked
White Onions Well-stocked
Yellow Onions Well-stocked
Scallions Somewhat limited; sell out expected late Wednesday
Shallots Well-stocked
Brussels Sprouts Very limited; by pre-order only
Green Cabbage Well-stocked
Romanesco Cauliflower Well-stocked
Gold Potatoes Well-stocked
Red Potatoes Well-stocked
Sweet Potatoes Well-stocked
Purple Sweet Potatoes Well-stocked
Gold Beets Well-stocked
Red Beets Well-stocked
Orange Carrots Well-stocked
Rainbow Carrots Well-stocked
Celeriac Well-stocked
Parsnips Well-stocked
French Breakfast Radishes Arriving sometime Tuesday
Rutabaga Well-stocked
Purple-Top Turnips Well-stocked
Salad Greens
Green Leaf Lettuce Well-stocked
Mesclun Mix Somewhat limited
Pie Pumpkins Zero right now; possible delivery on Wednesday
Butternut Squash Well-stocked
Delicata Squash Well-stocked
Spaghetti Squash Well-stocked
Beverages (non-dairy)
Apple Cider Well-stocked
Black Tea Lemonade, 1/2 Gallon Well-stocked
Lemonade, 1/2 Gallon Well-stocked
Bloody Mary Mix Well-stocked
Blueberry Yerba Kombucha Moderately well-stocked
Ginger Grapefruit Kombucha Well-stocked
Tart Cherry Ginger Kombucha Well-stocked
Watermelon Hops Kombucha Well-stocked
Bread & Baked Goods
Amaranth Gluten-Free
GF Sunflower & Honey Bread Frozen only (well-stocked)
GF/Vegan Brownies Well-stocked
GF Granola Bars Well-stocked
GF Whoopie Pies Well-stocked
Pennsylvania Bakery Pastries
We will have “normal” quantities of all of our regular PA Bakery treats. If you need a large number of something, or have your heart set on a particular pastry, we recommend contacting us the day before to ensure we can accommodate your order!
McGrath’s Brick Oven Bakehouse
Bread will be available Tuesday from open through end of day/sell out, Wednesday from 9:30ish AM on through end of day/sell out, Friday from 9:30ish AM through end of day/sell out; Saturday from open through end of day/sell out. If you purchase bread on Tuesday to serve on Thursday, we recommend freezing and re-heating it for optimum freshness and flavor!
Bakehouse Cookies Well-stocked
Baguette FROZEN ONLY (well-stocked)
McGrath’s Original Well-stocked
Sesame Original Well-stocked
Pumpkin Butter Well-stocked Tuesday & Wednesday; none for Friday & Saturday
Everything Well-stocked
American Harvest Well-stocked
Irish Oatmeal Frozen Tuesday & Wednesday; fresh Friday & Saturday
Three Seed Frozen only (limited stock)
Whole Wheat Frozen only (limited stock)
Talking Breads
Batard Frozen only (moderately well-stocked)
Miche Frozen only (moderately well-stocked)
Seeded Frozen only (moderately well-stocked)
Rip Rap Baking Crackers
Rosemary & Sea Salt Well-stocked
Everything Well-stocked
Whole Grain Well-stocked
Camelot Valley Creamery
French Herb Chevre Moderately well-stocked
Pink Sea Salt Chevre Limited stock
Holiday Chevre Limited stock
Feta Limited stock
Moonlight Fog Limited stock
Starlight Crottin Out of stock
Caputo Brothers Creamery
CapoMozz Mozzarella Curd Well-stocked
Provola Well-stocked
Ricotta Salata Vecchio Well-stocked
Clover Creek Creamery
Royer Mountain Well-stocked
Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy
Bamboozle Well-stocked
Hootenanny Well-stocked
More Cowbell Limited stock
Hope Springs Creamery
Mild Cheddar Well-stocked
Monterey Jack Limited stock (discontinued by maker)
Meadowrella (grass-fed aged mozzarella) Well-stocked
Keswick Creamery
Brie Moderately well-stocked
Quark Moderately well-stocked
Ricotta, 16 oz (big guys) Well-stocked
Ricotta, 8 oz (little guys) Limited stock
Vermeer Moderately well-stocked
Lykens Valley Creamery
Cheddar Well-stocked
Sharp Cheddar Well-stocked
Smoked Cheddar Moderately well-stocked
Goat Gouda Well-stocked
Baby Swiss Well-stocked
Jalapeno Cheddar Well-stocked
Herbes de Provence Well-stocked
Oasis at Bird-in-Hand
Bleu Cheese Well-stocked
Valley Shepherd Creamery
Oldwick Shepherd Well-stocked
Somerset Moderately well-stocked
Tartufo Well-stocked
Milk & Cream
A milk re-stock will happen on Wednesday morning, but we’re not
sure yet what time!
1.5% Lowfat Milk (1/2 gallon) Somewhat limited Tuesday; re-stock Wednesday morning
1.5% Lowfat Milk (quart) Well-stocked
Raw Milk (1/2 gallon) Limited Tuesday; re-stock Wednesday morning
Raw Milk (quart) Out of stock Tuesday; re-stock Wednesday morning
Skim Milk (1/2 gallon) Well-stocked
Skim Milk (quart) Well-stocked
Whole Milk (1/2 gallon) Well-stocked
Whole Milk (quart) Well-stocked
Chocolate Milk (1/2 gallon) Out of stock Tuesday; re-stock Wednesday morning
Chocolate Milk (quart) Somewhat limited Tuesday; re-stock Wednesday morning
Eggnog (pint) Out of stock Tuesday; re-stock Wednesday morning
Eggnog (quart) Well-stocked
Half & Half (pint) Well-stocked
Half & Half (quart) Limited Tuesday; re-stock Wednesday morning
Heavy Cream (pint) Well-stocked
Heavy Cream (quart) Well-stocked
Yogurt & Other Dairy
Butter Well-stocked
Cultured Buttermilk Moderately well-stocked
Cottage Cheese Well-stocked
Sour Cream Out of stock
Greek Yogurt Well-stocked
Keswick Creamery Yogurt Moderately well-stocked
Seven Stars Plain Yogurt Well-stocked
Seven Stars Vanilla
Other Staples
Pastured Eggs (Village Acres) Moderately well-stocked; sell out possible by Saturday
Organic Eggs (Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-op) Arriving Tuesday
Blue Eggs (The Home Farm) Very limited; arriving Tuesday
Pork Lard Well-stocked
All Purpose White Flour Well-stocked
All Purpose Whole Wheat Flour Somewhat limited
One Good Woman Coffee Well-stocked, except 1/2 lbs of Mexican Chiapas
Little Amps Coffee Well-stocked — including Holiday Blend!
Elementary Coffee (Black Rose) Well-stocked
Honey Well-stocked
Maple Syrup Well-stocked
Peanut Butter Well-stocked
Keepwell Vinegar Well-stocked with Celery Leaf, Granny Smith, Viognier, and Sorghum Molasses
Keepwell Worcestershire Sauce Well-stocked
Susquehanna Milling Company Oils Well-stocked with lightly refined canola, lightly refined sunflower, and full-flavored sunflower
Ground Beef Well-stocked
Bones Well-stocked
Chuck Roast Well-stocked
Delmonico Well-stocked
Flat Iron Steak Well-stocked
Liver Well-stocked
Stew Cubes Well-stocked
Chicken Breast Limited stock
Chicken Legs & Thighs Well-stocked
Chicken Wings Well-stocked
Whole Chickens Well-stocked
Chicken Gizzards Well-stocked
Chicken Hearts Well-stocked
Chicken Livers Well-stocked
Chicken Stock Packs Well-stocked
Pork Chops Well-stocked
Pork Roasts (Boston Butt & Shoulder Picnic) Well-stocked
Pork Tenderloin Very limited stock
Ground Pork Well-stocked
Bar Brats Well-stocked
Breakfast Sausage Well-stocked
Grandpa’s Chorizo Well-stocked
Kielbasa Well-stocked
Korean BBQ Sausage Well-stocked
Sage & Garlic Sausage (loose) Moderately well-stocked
Simply Sausage (salt & pepper) Well-stocked
Spicy Tuscan Sausage Somewhat limited stock
Sweet Italian Sausage Well-stocked