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Chicken Caesar Ruby Streaks Salad. Make it a meal and a mouthful.

I’m having a hard time settling on what to write about tonight, so I’ll start with a couple of loose ends from last week —

First, I can’t believe I didn’t include Maddie and Lauren in the list of Burg folks whose hard work we’re grateful for. Maddie and Lauren, we ♥ you, and we’re so grateful to you! Radish & Rye regrets the error.

Second, it was also my intention to include a plug about the Friends of TheBurg program, which is a fantastic way to support our local community magazine and the great work they do. When it’s time, I’m very much looking forward to their inaugural Friends of TheBurg social for some real life community.

Next up — the post I’m not writing tonight, but which was also on the table as a possibility for last week — What Kind of Salad to Make with Every Kind of Salad Green. I’m into this idea, but then I started wanting to take pictures of all of them, and now this week, while we still have a really good selection of salad greens, we don’t have quite as many different types as last week, so…it seems a little less relevant.

But! we do still have two of my all-time favorites, Village Acres’ mesclun mix, and (also from Village Acres) Ruby Streaks mustard greens. A little secret: the mesclun actually contains some ruby streaks! It’s also got some baby kales, baby tatsoi, mizuna, and maybe more. It’s hearty, flavorful (but not too flavorful), and stands up well to all kinds of dressings. I’ll take it over lettuce any day of the week. I’d be hard pressed to name one kind of salad that I think mesclun mix is best for, but for the sake of a What Kind of Salad mini-feature, I’m going to say that this is a great one for easy peasy weeknight throwing in a bowl and drizzling with Chef Tim’s balsamic vinaigrette — the sweet/acid combo of the dressing is a great complement to the green/mustard of the mesclun, and the variety of the flavors and textures in the mesclun keeps it interesting without having to chop up a bunch of other veggies.

The ruby streaks solo — I love that the leaves have significant texture and heft, but the little tendrils are so thin it’s like it’s pre-shredded into an easy-on-your-teeth format — no need to massage the way you might want to with a kale, but no worry your greens are going to turn to mush under your dressing. It’s got a good mustard kick, and between the flavor and its substance, I believe it to be literally the perfect green to use in a Caesar salad. It’s also good with some Chef Tim’s, but on this one I won’t hesitate to say that the highest and best use of ruby streaks mustard greens is Caesar. And, the highest and best use of Caesar dressing (I mean a good homemade one!) is ruby streaks mustard greens. A match made in heaven.

Lastly — POS update! I got word today that our server and the few pieces of miscellaneous hardware that we have to swap out will arrive early next week! (A lone serial cable has already arrived. Very mysterious!) Plan is that we’ll do the “remote installation” on Wednesday (they can use the same hardware we’d originally planned on, but they have to wipe and re-image the terminal, as well as walk me through server & network setup), I’ll get some training on Thursday evening (the company is in California), and…then we’ll be ready to start loading things in and getting it configured exactly as we want it. Or, you know, as close to exactly as we want it as we can. We’ll also, at that point, be able to start testing its interaction with the new e-commerce site. In the meantime, the e-commerce company has handed over to us the keys to the new website, so I am, with the help of the wonderful and often-missed Marie Hathaway, working on making it….less ugly….and also migrating some content over. I imagine we might launch before we’re able to migrate over everything we’ve got now, but there’s a lot here that needs to be updated, etc, anyway, so…we’ll get there eventually.

Also, um, to clarify that statement about handing the keys over — they’ve given me a login so I can do the equivalent of painting the walls of my new house, but they’ve still got a significant amount of plumbing to do, and, to continue this metaphor I didn’t really think through before embarking upon, the POS is sort of the water main, so the site itself won’t be functional until the main is laid and connected at the curb and we test to make sure the pipes can withstand the pressure. And then! we can….I’m not sure how to close this loop. But I think you get the idea.

And there you go — I have managed to write a newsletter’s worth of material without ever settling on something to write about. And it only got kind of weird.

Thanks, as always, for sticking with us in all this craziness; and thanks, tonight, for sticking with me in all my craziness. 😍😎😋


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