Quick things:

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  • WE’VE MOVED to 1308 N 3rd St!
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  • Congrats to Katie, the winner of this week’s order feedback drawing and a $10 R&R gift card! As always, many thanks to all of you who have responded to the slips in your bags — we <3 feedback and we <3 you!
  • Peaches. Cherries. Cherry tomatoes. (It’s starting to look a lot like summer!)
  • We missed you!

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Elliott & Vero were kind enough to step away from what they were doing to let me take this picture. The shelves behind them aren’t public-ready yet, but they’re closer than almost anything else in the store!

I’m writing this afternoon from an air conditioned office at the rear of 1308 N Third Street. From the other end of the shop I can hear Veronica and Elliott packing the final orders of the day, sorting and stocking the delivery we just got from Rettland Farm, and beginning the afternoon’s clean up. Otherwise, it’s pretty quiet. It feels like a strange world, so different from the one we left just a week and a half ago, but it also feels really, really, good.

Also really, really, good was the nearly three days of staycation that Dusty and I took Friday through Sunday, interrupted only by an hour’s wait for a Saturday morning delivery that…went to the wrong location. But with the rest of the time, we cleaned the house as if we were going on vacation, took a drive through the woods out Stoney Creek Road, splashed around in the creek a little bit, had a wonderful (and very socially distant) meal at Note, took a late night stroll along the river, did some gardening, played some games, got coffee from Elementary (just as normal customers!), made fava bean and chive pesto pasta, made a seafood boil, made strawberry shortcake and apple upside-down cake (with some VERY urgent use apples Dusty’d been hoarding), read an entire novel and a good chunk of a book about koji, drank a fair amount of wine, and generally enjoyed doing nothing. At the end of the day on Saturday as I was reflecting on what an incredible treat it was to have such a break it occurred to me that we were two days in…the length of a “normal” weekend. Like, whoa. We’re going to try to do that again some day. 🙂

But as wonderful as it was, by the time I woke up on Monday morning, I was ready to turn the internet back on (we literally turned it off for those three days) and get back to it. And not a moment too soon, I think — things on Tuesday felt a little chaotic! But now, approaching the end of just day two, it seems like we’re getting into the swing of things, and that life at 1308 N Third Street is going to be pretty good. And man, am I feeling grateful for the air conditioning.

I don’t mean to slam the heat too much — without it we wouldn’t have so many wonderful goodies right now!


P.S. This probably belongs in the “Quick Things”, but I’m deliberately not highlighting it in case we need some time to adjust — things over here are so much easier (with all the extra space we have) that we’ve dramatically reduced the lead time we need for orders, so (assuming the slots don’t fill up early, which they often do!) you can schedule a pick up as soon as three hours from placing your order. The busy days are still ahead of us, but so far so good!

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