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  • More strawberries. (Somewhat limited, but more are arriving later this week)
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Mini purple broccoli. Such an apt name, and yet I don’t think it does it justice.
Photo cred: Veronica!

It’s a little bit of a roller coaster over here.

After weeks (months?) of breaking sales records we’d never even dreamed of, things have settled down. Last week even dipped below pre-Covid levels. It’s been a little hard to know if we should just gratefully accept it as a moment of respite or panic that we’re in some kind of free fall. My personal experience tells me that it’s almost certainly the former — even we, by last week, were experiencing cooking fatigue and were eating shocking amounts of takeout. It’s almost, like, our civic duty, right? to support restaurants that were closed and hurting for the past couple of months? And also we’ve been so freaking busy?

I started this week looking at some of what we have leftover from last week — folks, it is freaking hard to predict sales in a pandemic — and thinking, “Okay, we’re just going to have a week of blowout Urgent Use specials and I’m going to bring in very little in the way of new inventory.”

And then the emails and texts started to roll in from the fields. It’s a magical time of year.

We’ve got more strawberries, of course, because I was never going to say no to those. But what about shell peas? Snow peas? Mini purple broccoli? Cherry tomatoes? Cucumbers? Zucchini? The answers, also of course, were YES YES YES.

Because it’s the earliest edge of the season for many of these things, quantities are kind of limited on many of them. Apologies if by the time you click through to the store some of them are already gone. Also, I was so excited that I had to place an order with us myself, rather than waiting to see what was left at the end of the week as I often do. I’m scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (though I might jump the line!), and I am almost giddy thinking about the first bites of cucumber, the first cherry tomato to explode in my mouth, and the ricotta toast with peas that Veronica reminded me of this evening.

To the extent that I’m accepting this time as a bit of respite, I’ve also started fantasizing about cooking again, in a way I haven’t had space for over the past couple of months. I’ve been so jealous of many of the amazing creations I’ve seen on social media, but we’ve never had less time to cook. It’s been a bitter irony.

Sometime in March I started craving quiche, but eggs were in short supply (maybe I started craving it because they were in short supply). Now that they’re back, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. But also, I’m still not ready to make a crust.

So I bought one. Or, you know, four. Compromise is not appropriate for all situations, but this was an acceptable one in my mind because then — I made a quiche! (Two.)

My plan for at least one of the remaining crusts is something like this mushroom tart (possible paywall), probably served with a big heap of arugula next to it. I don’t know yet what else I’m going to make this week, but from a seasonal perspective, I’m pretty excited that my increase in bandwidth is coinciding with an explosion of wonderful things.

Or maybe it’s not such a coincidence after all. 🙂


P.S. We do have a lot of great Urgent Use specials up right now. Keep ’em in mind when you’re thinking about what to put in your quiche!

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