Quick things:

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  • Asparagus is definitely the story of the week.
  • We’ve got a lot of Urgent Use apples and the price on a four pound bag has come down to reflect this. It’s partly the time of year and partly because our staff is doing a great job culling — they’re not in such bad shape (uh, the apples, that is; our staff is in great shape!).
  • The one per customer limit on eggs has been lifted, thanks to Village Acres’ new flock coming on line. Dusty and I had scrambled eggs for dinner last night to celebrate. Maybe in a couple of weeks I’ll be begging you to buy more eggs.
  • Bok choy might be the thing I over-ordered this week, although last week I thought that about lettuce mix and it was GONE. Thanks for that!

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A quick and easy culinary celebration of spring!

This is two Wednesdays in a row for a newsletter. After all my bouncing around, it looks like even under this “new normal” (are we there yet?), Wednesday might just be the day that makes sense. Yes, we’ve had asparagus available for a couple of days now, and yes, there are a few things coming tomorrow that are currently showing as out of stock, and yes, there may be even more arriving on Friday or Saturday that I don’t even know about yet, but for the most part it turns out that perched at the top of Wednesday is a pretty good spot from which to see the week as a whole. And so, to tell you about it.

But really, what do you need to know other than ASPARAGUS?

Anyway! I was resisting Wednesdays in the beginning there because we were so. slammed. on Thursdays and Fridays that I didn’t necessarily want to do anything else to drive traffic to those days. We’re still slammed on market days — over the last three weeks, our Friday average is 108 orders filled! — but I think we’ve gotten into a good groove and have some pretty good (not perfect) systems, and, well, it didn’t seem like anything I did was shifting any patterns anyway, so — why fight the tide? (Also, since we can now cap the number of orders for any one time slot, the level of “slammed” is within our control!)

Instead, let’s talk about 108 orders a day. There are five of us. I’m spending most of my time in front of the computer these days (now that we operate a computer-based business, you know), so really, there are four people filling orders on the busy days. We’ve got staff at the stand for nine hours a day. That’s three orders per hour per person. Not too crazy, right?

If you think about it like doing grocery shopping — which is, you know, what we’re doing — we’ve got lists, and we know where things are, so three grocery trips in an hour is plausible if you don’t count the driving, right? But can we also, all in those same hours, receive the deliveries, bag the lettuce, cut the cheese, slice the bread, weigh the mushrooms, stock the shelves, answer the phone, sanitize the baskets, and maintain our sanity? Sorry if we seem a little crazy lately. (Also sorry if we aren’t great at replying to your emails/phone calls/texts/Insta/FB/Google My Business/Yelp messages — we’re trying, but also since when were there SO MANY channels?!?)

As I’m maybe showing, I do feel a little crazy lately. But I’m also crazy impressed with the job the folks at the stand are doing. They’ve even rearranged their schedules so that Dusty’s been able to spend some time working on the store, which feels like a profound relief to me, both because I’m eager to use that space (even if maybe what we’re doing with it is different, at least in the beginning?), and because getting back to a project from “before” helps me feel like we must be finding our footing. I’m also crazy grateful for your patience and understanding as we navigate all of this.

I’m spending a huge amount of time these days trying to figure out what that new footing will look like — trying to find software solutions that’ll manage our inventory if we’re operating in person *and* online, trying to build a site that works a little better for us and for you, trying to keep things chugging along.

We’ll get there, but it’s good to have milestones. Like asparagus — my favorite springtime sign that WE’VE MADE IT through winter. It’s, like, a month late this year, but it got here. And it sure is good.


P.S. Just to frame those numbers another way: during the scheduled pickup times, those 108 orders average out to 4.7 orders per fifteen minute pickup slot. Noon can have up to 20 orders scheduled; subsequent slots are supposed to be able to get up to five, although due to the weirdness of computers, sometimes they get six or seven. On our busiest Friday we averaged 5.26 orders per fifteen minute slot and had only five slots that didn’t get completely filled. We definitely felt crazy that day.

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