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This week last year I was writing about the advent of asparagus, and the end of a sale on eggs and butter. What a different world this year, and only some of it is because of you-know-what.

At the end of last week (this year), we got an offer for asparagus. I ordered a hundred pounds. We’ll get you what we can, they said, but it might not be a hundred pounds. Fair enough.

And then it snowed in Franklin County. The asparagus, scheduled for harvest on Monday, was still in the field. Bye bye asparagus. *sigh*

I’m not, like, giving up hope, but it’s pretty disappointing.

This is often a bit of an awkward time of year from a local produce perspective, because the storage crops that got us through winter are starting to wane, but the season isn’t yet in full swing. Many years, asparagus distracts us from that. Not so far this year, and I think we all have plenty we’d like to be distracted from.

But! We’re still finding ways to combine the contents of our freezer and our pantry with the fresh foods coming in, and am finding a certain kind of satisfaction in that. My favorite this week came from a freezer box labeled “Sofrito” and a pork shoulder, combined in the InstantPot with some apple cider vinegar, then mounded on Midst8 tortillas with some crumbled Camelot Valley Feta and topped with scallions and cilantro and splashed with Torchbearer’s Sultry sauce. All of that is stuff we currently have available except that sofrito — it was a pepperless adaptation of this recipe, mostly onions, garlic (spring garlic would work!), cilantro, and some tomatoes from the freezer. You probably could recreate something like it with what we have right now, but maybe there’s also something else in your freezer that might facilitate delicious tacos?

Another highlight (pictured here) was a pack of Spicy Tuscan sausage browned then simmered for longer than I meant to in a jar of tomatoes we’d canned over the summer, tossed with pasta, showered with Royer Mountain, and served with a kale Caesar salad, a couple glasses of wine, and a few episodes of “How I Met Your Mother”. A nice quarantine date.

In summary, I guess, there have been some disappointments. Some challenges. Some victories. And even some fun! It’s almost like normal life.


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