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  • After selling out of our first order of gochujang in less than 12 hours, we were able to get a swift restock. It’s available for order now, and it’s so good.
  • Much of the huge flour order we picked up last week is already gone as well, but we still have all-purpose white, some pastry flour, and a limited amount of whole rye. We’ve placed another order with the mill and are hoping they’ll have it ready for us next week.
  • CHICKENS from Reiff’s Poultry (the fine farm who supplied us last year) will arrive mid-week! It may take us a few hours to get everything weighed in and listed on the site, but whole and pieced chicken should be available for order by Thursday morning at the latest. These’ll be delivered fresh through the end of the week, then frozen thereafter. I am really looking forward to eating some chicken thighs.

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I hope the beautiful weather of the past few days has done as much good for you as it has for me. It doesn’t look like we’ll get to keep it for the immediate future, but I’m glad for the sunshine we’ve had — and I know blue skies and warmth can’t be too far away now.

Last night we had steaks and sweet potatoes on the grill, and a pea shoot and ramp soup Dusty dreamed up. It felt like spring. (As I write, there are just a few ramps left in stock on the website, and then they’re gone for the year.) Other highlights since I last wrote (which was longer ago than it should have been!) were matchsticked watermelon radishes with a rice vinegar dressing and handfuls of cilantro and crushed peanuts, served next to some highly experimental fried rice balls. That’s not balls of fried rice, that’s balls of rice, fried. The watermelon radishes were the highlight that night.

On another night (and pictured here), pork chops with mixed greens and braised carrots. Carrots have been out of stock for the past couple of weeks, but we’ve got another round of ugly carrots — really, the dregs of last season’s crop — on its way on Wednesday. Some years we’d have fresh carrots by now, but we need the weather to cooperate a little more before that happens for this year.

One of our current personal food challenges (who am I kidding, this is a perpetual challenge) is keeping good ready-to-eat lunch foods on hand, so last night, while the grill was heating up (and cooking, and cooling down), Dusty was simultaneously smoking a quick-brined chuck roast that he’d rubbed with some kind chili. Today he sliced it thin for sandwiches, and it was great — sort of somewhere between roast beef and taco meat. Now he’s dreaming about what else he can throw in the smoker on warm evenings when we’ll probably be sitting outside for hours anyway. I’ve got my eye on a pork shoulder, though when I look at the upcoming forecast I might get impatient and just do it in the oven sooner than the next truly warm day.

The unseasonably cool and cloudy (and windy!) weather the past few weeks has added to my nagging sense that time isn’t really passing — like, it should be spring by now, but it doesn’t seem like it. These few days of something more seasonable felt like they helped reorient me; helped remind me that no matter what, there is new growth on the way — even if it’s delayed a few weeks.


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