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Newsletter on a Friday this week! Unprecedented, I think.

The reality is, under this new model, Wednesdays don’t make sense as a newsletter day. There’s nothing special about Wednesdays from our perspective, and it’s almost a weird spot, between our early week deliveries and our late week deliveries, when some things have already sold out and other things aren’t available yet. On the other hand, that’s true nearly every day of the week — there’s a ton of stuff we have, and some stuff we’re out of already. I think we now literally have deliveries arriving every day of the week (maybe not Sunday?) and I’m always excited about all of them! Maybe you should be glad I’m not sending a newsletter every day? But please know, with or without a newsletter, there is new or replenished stuff popping up on the site nearly every day, and you’re welcome to place an order any time, day or night, market day or non-market day. This is the new reality — chaos, but also a thing we’ve always wanted? I don’t really know what the new reality is.

Except here’s a reality I do know — nearly half of all the folks receiving this newsletter as an email weren’t with us a month ago. Those folks (hi, guys!) may not know that this missive has adhered to a fairly strict schedule for the last four years or so. They also might not know that historically, this has been a newsletter about FOOD.

So let’s make this one mostly about food. Or at least sort of about food.

Things have calmed down enough for Dusty and me that we’re finding time to cook for ourselves again. We’ve got a goal of every night using something from the freezer, something from the pantry, and something fresh. We’re not really keeping track of how we’re doing, but I think we’re doing pretty okay!

On Easter, Dusty roasted a turkey we’d had languishing in the freezer since Thanksgiving. It was an extra no one claimed, and then it lost its seal, and so it became ours. So, you know, turkey for Easter, right?

The best part about that was that then last weekend, I made a huge batch of Turkey Tikka Masala. We ate what we could fresh, and then I put the rest in the freezer, where it takes up way less space than the original turkey did. I’m looking forward to cycling around to that being the thing we take out of the freezer. 🙂

The other highlight, I think, or at least the only thing I took a picture of in the past week, was a spring garlic risotto (in the InstantPot!) paired with herb-encrusted chicken breasts. Not pictured: an enormous salad tossed with sunflower oil and Keepwell Sorghum Molasses vinegar. These are my favorite foods during a chilly spring — warm and comforting, but also popping with freshness and flavor.

I imagine many of you, too, are finding creative and delicious ways to balance the freshness of spring with the contents of your pantries and freezers. I miss talking to you about it at the stand. Leave us a comment or drop us a line?


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