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  • Exception to “every single day” — we will CLOSED for pickups on Easter Sunday, which, if you’ve lost track as I have, is this coming Sunday, April 12th.
  • Loads of new/replenished stuff hit today: rampsscallionsspring garlic, horseradishbaby bok choy, and baby red Russian kale are just some of the highlights. There’s new stuff hitting nearly every day!

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This time, we’ve got a newsletter on a Monday. Why? Because I spent much of today loading onto the website the stuff that arrived today, and even more stuff that’ll arrive tomorrow morning in time for the first pickup window, and I’m pretty excited about it. It’s a good reminder to me that even when my daily routine is totally kaput, the larger routine of the seasons and the earth keeps on marching forward. It’s comforting, and it’s culinarily thrilling.

Other reasons for a newsletter day? I wanted to make sure to give you plenty of notice that we’d be closed for pickups this Sunday, and I wanted to give you a heads up about a change to the ordering system that probably won’t effect you at all.

Here’s the background: on the normal market days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), we’ve been slammed with orders all due at 12pm. Like, panic-inducing are-we-going-to-make-it volumes of orders. (Side note: We’ve always made it! Sometimes literally finishing the last order at the stroke of noon, but we’ve made it.) Anyway, we were getting worried that at some point there would be so many orders that we wouldn’t make it, and we don’t want to do that to ourselves or to you. But there was no way to stem the tide! The software that handles the pickup functionality doesn’t allow for capping the number of pickups that can happen at any given time, which seems crazy to me — of course we can’t handle an infinite number of orders all at once! But no, no way to do it, and the tech support folks told us, “Oh yeah, we’ll put that on our list of possible future developments.” Thanks.

But then! in stepped my hero/genius brother-in-law Evan, and he fixed it! He wrote an add-on that will monitor the number of pickups scheduled for a given time and make that time unavailable once it’s full. I’m not going to tell you where we’ve set the levels because they’re probably going to change, but if we have the same number of orders we did this past week, even on our busiest days, everyone who scheduled their pickup between 12pm and 1:30pm would still be able to get their order by 1:30 at the latest. So hopefully we’re not causing anyone any major inconveniences with this change. If we are, or if we find that we’re overwhelmed, or if we find we have extra capacity even during the busiest times, we’ll tweak it. This whole thing is a wild and crazy experiment/adventure, and having this little level of control over how crazy is extremely reassuring to me.

And speaking of reassurance (I hope), I’ve been meaning to tell you about some of the things we’re doing behind the scenes to keep ourselves and all of you as safe as possible in this (speaking of) crazy time. Here’s a summary:

  • As always, washing our hands in accordance with food safety standards, and then some.
  • Washing and/or sanitizing our hands after every customer interaction, including all order hand-offs (ie, putting a basket on the table, or taking bags to a car)
  • Sanitizing all baskets/crates that have left the prep area before re-using them for another customer
  • Wearing masks during all times we or the market are open for public interaction (side note: we’ve got some super cute masks, thanks to my hero/genius mom and sister!)
  • Diligently practicing social/physical distancing both at the market and in our off-hours

Not much else to say about that, although if you read that list and think, “But what about ???” I hope it’s because I forgot to mention it.

And speaking of forgetting to mention things/things I’ve been wanting to tell you — all the craziness aside, I kind of love this new model. I mean, except for the part where we got thrown into it with very little warning, and the part where I don’t get to chat with you at the counter, and the part where, well, you know, the beautiful sunshine-y spring is overhung by this enormous cloud of fear and grief.

But other than all that, I am really enjoying that although running throughout the week has meant shifting deliveries around and, you know, working non-stop, it also means our inventory can be a little more dynamic — we can order stuff when it’s available, even if it’s going to arrive on a Monday, and not having to create beautiful displays that then have to be re-stocked all the time means I can order things (like tarragon, which should be available for order by Wednesday afternoon) that we might not sell enough of to earn a place on the crowded table, but which I’m sure someone wants. It’s making me kind of wistful for the work we’re not doing on the store right now, and it’s a fun(?) sneak peek/practice run for how that will work.

I’m maybe just rambling now, which might be a symptom of not having had a whole lot of social interaction recently. I think it’s time to go meet Dusty on the porch for a drink before throwing some dinner on the grill. It’s spring!


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