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The soil clinging to the roots gets me every time.

It’s Wednesday, so I’m writing a newsletter. It doesn’t matter that Wednesdays are nearly irrelevant now — who cares that we’re getting deliveries nearly every day of the week and everything is starting to blur together? It’s Wednesday!

Truth is, I’m glad to take a second to do something that feels “normal”. As we’ve been planning for the upcoming store (still coming, who knows when), I’ve often wondered what my newsletter schedule would look like when we were operating seven days a week. For now, under our current seven day a week operations, the answer is, I’m going to stick to the Wednesday thing, maybe with an extra weekend update thrown in since our inventory is changing all the time. I like the routine — including the routine, I guess, of always getting to it later than I’d hoped! — of checking in, chatting a bit, reflecting on the week behind and the week ahead. And we’re all at a safe distance, right?

The week behind me is a blur. The several weeks behind me are a blur. But the week ahead — I’m starting to see things come into focus. The curbside pickup thing is going pretty well. Some of you may have encountered some snags — and I’m so grateful for your patience with those — but all things considered, it seems like it’s working. We’re working with a whole slew of vendors to handle various components of the ecommerce thing — there’s the provider of the actual online store, the behind the scenes inventory management, the pickup scheduling, the “print out designer” that enabled us to print legible order summaries for fulfilling the orders, and a bunch of little tiny things you would think would be built in. Anyway — there are at least three vendors whose tech support I would *really* like to talk to. It turns out there are hundreds, thousands, even, of other small businesses in the same position, and all those ecommerce tech support people are apparently *slammed*. So we’re going to continue to make do with our not-quite-perfect system, and we’re going to continue to be grateful for the technology that has let us get this far, and we’re going to continue to be grateful for your patience with the snags. Again, thank you.

But I really want to talk about the week ahead — after a couple weeks of living on takeout and random freezer food and (the highlight) some wonderful lunches provided by my mother (dropped off on our porch in individually labeled containers, plus a bag for returning dirty dishes!), I think I might find some time to actually cook in the next week. I’m pretty excited, especially since I’ve been so freaking jealous of all the cooking adventures I’ve been seeing on social media. Ironically, though, all the things I’m most excited about don’t actually involve cooking — those radishes! Arugula! Allllll the herbs! It seems like there are some really awesome salads in my future.

This is also the time of year when I start thinking about the impending shift in what’s available — after a whole winter of sweet potatoes and cabbage and beets, and thinking maybe I’m getting sick of them, when spring finally pops up, I start worrying that I didn’t do all the things I wanted to. There’s still time! I’m reminded of our beet challenge last year (or the year before?) — I never did make a beet reuben, even though I think about it, like, all the time.

That’s probably enough rambling. I guess all I’m saying is — life (the whole world) is weird and hard right now. It’s going to be for a while. But there’s also some sunshine. Spring is coming, no matter what else happens. There’s family. There’s good food. There’s always something new to explore, even if it’s just from the comfort and safety of your home.

Much love, guys. I hope to wave to you through a window, or smile at you from at least six feet away. Thanks for being here.