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Posted by Village Acres Farm & FoodShed, llc on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I have written before (a couple of times) about the bounty of eggs in early (and sometimes late) spring. Eggs aren’t something we think of as seasonal, but because hens lay less in the winter and high summer, and because of the way farms structure their flocks — bringing in new hens to come on line in the spring — we often see an eggsplosion at some point in the spring. And so, here we are.

A funny thing to me is that somehow this always coincides with me actually craving more eggs, and maybe one way I know that Deb and Hannah at Village Acres are almost ready to run a sale is when I see my own egg consumption ticking up. And so it is this year.

I’ve been dreaming about pickled eggs — specifically Kim Chi pickled eggs, but maybe also curry, or mustard, or just good ol’ red beet. To that end, the other night Dusty and I hard-boiled three dozen eggs with the intent of pickling them. We haven’t actually taken the next step to get them pickling yet — maybe tonight — but in the meantime I think we’ve eaten at least a dozen hard-boiled straight out of the fridge. A couple of weeks ago I boiled some eggs with the intent of pickling them, but by the next afternoon I realized we’d eaten so many of them already it didn’t seem worth it to pickle the remainder. Oops. But not too terrible, because I’m finding that “boiling” (steaming, really, I guess) them in the Instant Pot and then peeling them as soon as they’re cool enough to handle makes it super easy to peel them — I timed myself for the three dozen I did the other night, and it only took 13 minutes. For three dozen eggs! I’m out of reasons not to always have hard-boiled eggs on hand.

I’ve also, just coincidentally, been coming across egg-related recipes that appeal to me at a higher rate than usual. Last week I read this story about the author’s dad’s egg curry, so now I’m mentally setting aside four of the eggs in my fridge for that. I’ve also been dreaming about pasta with eggs, something carbonara-like, but simpler, lighter. And I don’t have a recipe for it, but I can’t stop thinking about eggs and spinach. And then, in the course of looking for one more recipe for this post, I came across this one for sweet potato cakes with poached eggs, and…I’m pretty hungry.

It may be that eggs appeal to me in spring because they strike a perfect balance between heavy and light. They’re a good transition food, between the hearty, warm stews of winter, and the fresh (often raw) salads of summer. They give us energy without weighing us down.

And they sure do taste good!

Join us this week (and for the next few) in exploring all the wonderful things to be done with eggs. Let’s finish up with a holiday where we, for some reason I never understood until I got into local food, celebrate eggs (among other things)!


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