Should have included something for scale. That's a cereal bowl.

Should have included something for scale. That’s a cereal bowl.

Quick things:

  1. This looks like the last week for strawberries, and we have them in limited quantities. Just in case you haven’t  had your fill yet.
  2. We asked, you answered, we listened: we have quail eggs! They’re from Mariflora Farm in Harrisburg (not the city; Linglestown area), and are $6 for 15 eggs.
  3. Baguettes on Saturday! Arriving around 9am.

Scroll down for the list of what we have this week.

Well. The big thing in my world is the proposed new lease and management agreement for the Broad Street Market. If you missed my Monday post about it and you want some background, check it out here.

Tonight was City Council’s first hearing of the proposal, and a number of us attended the meeting to show our support. As we expected, the only disposition of the resolution tonight was to send it to committee (meeting yet to be scheduled). What we didn’t expect was that at the start of the public comment section of the meeting, Council President Wanda Williams opened comments by telling those assembled that she had not yet had time to review the proposal, and if anyone had questions or wanted to talk about it, to please hold those comments until the committee meeting or later. Eek!

After talking to some people more-in-the-know than I, though, my initial “Eek!” faded. Though the group that wrote the proposal has been working on it for months — and partly picked up where the Task Force, which also worked for months, left off — it is new to City Council, and they are right to want to do their due diligence. We respected President Williams’ request, and current Market President Chris Herr took the floor just for a moment to let her know that we were there to support the proposal, and looked forward to having an opportunity to discuss it further.

In an ideal world, the committee meeting would happen sometime soon, and President Williams would be ready to bring it back to the full body next week for a vote before the summer recess. The implication tonight was that she wanted to schedule the committee meeting in advance and publicize it, so I suspect that’s unlikely. While I do feel impatient, at the same time I have complete respect — and gratitude — for a Council that wants to make sure they fully understand the issue at hand prior to voting.

This also means that the window is still open for letting Council now that you support the proposal to sign a lease and management agreement with the non-profit Broad Street Market Alliance. You can email President Wanda Williams at, and I’m told it’s a good idea to also copy City Clerk Kirk Petroski at

I’ll continue to post updates about the process as they become available. For now — my fingers are crossed!



[ezcol_1third]Beans & Peas

  • Fava Beans
  • Green Beans
  • Sugar Snap Peas

Braising Greens

  • Collard Greens
  • Green Curly Kale
  • Lacinato Kale
  • Rainbow Chard


  • Cameo Apples
  • Granny Smith Apples (limited quantities)
  • Strawberries


  • Basil
  • Cilantro
  • Parsley

[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third]


  • Cremini Mushrooms
  • Oyster Mushrooms
  • Portobello Mushrooms
  • White Mushrooms

Onions & Garlic

  • Garlic (Fresh!)
  • Garlic Scapes
  • Scallions
  • Red Spring Onions
  • Bunching Onions
  • Loose Fresh Onions


  • Broccoli
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumbers
  • Napa Cabbage
  • Rhubarb


  • Red New Potatoes

[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_1third_end]

  • Red Beets
  • Gold Beets
  • Carrots
  • Rainbow Carrots
  • French Breakfast Radishes
  • Hakurei Salad Turnips
  • Red Beets

Salad Greens

  • Lettuce Mix
  • Green Romaine
  • Green Leaf Lettuce
  • Red Leaf Lettuce


  • Patty Pan Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Gold Zucchini



Keswick Creamery

  • Brie
  • Morbier
  • Quark
  • Ricotta
  • Vermeer
  • Wallaby
  • Wine-Washed Tomme

[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_1quarter]

Lykens Valley Creamery

  • Baby Swiss
  • Clothbound Cheddar
  • Colby
  • Goat Gouda
  • Cheddar
  • Sharp Cheddar
  • Smoked Cheddar

[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_1quarter]

Camelot Valley

  • Chevre (asst varieties)
  • Feta
  • Moonlight Fog
  • Starlight Crotin

[/ezcol_1quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end]


  • Apple Tree Feta
  • Hope Springs Mild Cheddar
  • Hope Springs Monterey Jack
  • Millwood Springs Blue Cheese




McGrath’s Brick Oven Bakehouse
(fresh Friday & Saturday)

  • McGrath’s Original
  • Sesame Original
  • Irish Oatmeal Pan Bread
  • Three Seed
  • Nutty Irishman
  • Sesame & Cheddar
  • Baguettes (Saturday only)

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]

Talking Breads
(fresh Thursday)

  • Batard
  • Ciabatta
  • Miche
  • Seeded