Work for us

Work for us

We’re in the final stages of a round of hiring, and have no additional immediate openings. We anticipate that hiring for our full-time store will begin in late summer 2019. Read on if you’re interested in learning more about what we’ll be looking for!


  • Commitment to exceptional customer service
  • Passionate about good food – especially local/seasonal food – with skills and knowledge to match, or eagerness and ability to learn
  • Reliable and hardworking, self-managing and problem-solving
  • Personable, friendly, and welcoming; able to easily engage with a wide variety of people, and to co-exist with co-workers in a physically tight space 
  • Quick-learning, quick-thinking, quick-doing, and flexible
  • Able to quickly and accurately ring up customers and make change
  • Able to stand for 8+ hours/day, and lift 30-50 lbs
  • Able and willing to cook with, eat, and talk about products across R&R’s offerings

We offer:

  • $10/hour to start with review after eight weeks
  • 15% discount on stand purchases
  • $25/week food credit
  • Access to additional food through spare CSA shares, inventory remaining at the end of the week, etc.

The job involves offering an exceptional customer experience through quality service and goods. Specifically, time is spent:

  • Prepping produce for sale (weighing salad mix, bagging potatoes, etc)
  • Stocking/re-stocking & merchandising displays and monitoring backstock levels
  • Loading inventory in and out of the market, involving heavy boxes and an often-heavy push cart
  • Cleaning, including dusting, glass cleaning, sweeping, dishes, etc
  • In time — Assisting customers, working register, cutting cheese, and slicing bread

Hours vary from week to week, but availability during the following hours is required: Wednesday afternoons (2pm-6pm), Thursdays (6:45am-6:30pm), Fridays (6:45am-6:30pm), and Saturdays (6:45am-5:30pm).

Note: This opening is for a vacancy created by a departing staff member, not related to our upcoming expansion.