About us

We are Dusty and Julia James, a husband and wife team passionate about good food — especially local food!

Both of us were interested in sustainable agriculture and small-scale local food production before we met in 2009. As partners, that interest became a shared passion and hobby, and one of our first major purchases together was a side of grass-fed, organic beef from JuJo Acres. Before we settled on our purchase, we did extensive research on different local farms, breeds of cow, and animal welfare certification standards. When we first introduced meat at Radish & Rye, we were proud to offer JuJo beef.* We have similar stories surrounding many of our farmers and artisan producers — we first encountered them when we were seeking out the best food around for our personal consumption, and are happy to be working with those same producers now to bring their goods to a broader audience.

Outside the stand, we live, work, and play in the city of Harrisburg. Dusty is a builder, tinkerer, and armchair economist. Julia is a computer geek, poet, and integral education advocate. Both of us love to cook and eat.

*Sadly, Jonas & Judy of JuJo Acres have since retired. Today, we carry meats from North Mountain Pastures and Pecan Meadow Farm — both of whom we love as well!